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Mixed saddle specially designed for hunting Made in France.

A tree was designed specifically for hunting, with a strong and wide stripping allowing it to adapt to a maximum of horses. The tree is made in France !!!

It is essential for the practice of hunting with hounds to have a good footing.

In order to be able to hunt for 7 hours with the least risk of pain, the chosen seat is rather wide.

The chosen foam is firm and soft at the same time in order to last over time and not to crush quickly, unlike low-end foams or wool that must be re-inflated after tamping.

The seat is covered with top quality French calfskin.

Regarding the small quarters, quarters or false quarters they are made in the collar to have a little flexibility. They can be grained or smooth.

The panels are made of dense foam and also covered with calfskin.

This saddle is made to measure, depending on the horse and yourself.

The colors are your choice, bi-color or plain, it's up to you to decide according to your desires.

Contact the workshop for more information.

Soon a test saddle for you to make your choice.

The time to create a saddle is at least 3 months. The tree is made on demand.

Special mixed hunting saddle: "Diane"

couleur veau
Article sur commande délai environ 4 mois

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