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For all repairs, the item must be cleaned.

For reasons of protection of my tools, any item not repairable in the state, a supplement of 10 € will be charged for its cleaning.


1 Change the seat

2 Change 1 Gd district

3 Change 2 large neighborhoods

4 Change 1 counter-girth

5 Counter girth change in addition decreasing price

6 Repair the broken knob

7 Repairing a broken tree band

8 Re-inflate the panels

9 Redo the panel envelope

10 Sew the seat back

11 Fit saddlebag rings

12 laying croupier rings

13 Changing a neighborhood advance

14 Change the 2 advanced neighborhoods

15 Changing a stirrup knife


16 Changing the straps 1 side

17 Changing the straps on both sides

18 Redo the front section

19 Change 1 stirrup knife

20 Changing 2 stirrup knives

In addition to this, you will need to know more about it.

In addition to this, you will need to know more about it.


21 Changing the attachment of the two reins

22 Changing the rubber hands

23 Changing a jaw holder

24 Fit the unit


25 Sewing

26 Buckle and seam


27 Sewing

28 Sewing and looping

29 Changing the rubber bands (1 side)

Halter / strap:

30 Sewing

31 Changing part of the halter


32 Change zippers (pair)

33 Change 1 venery reinforcement


34 Change closures (mini) per pair

35 Change closures (large) the pair


Various repairs of leather articles on request!

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